Meet the market trader: Kalpesh

Close-up of Kalpesh with his arms folded, stood in front of his stall which is covered wall to wall with electricals

Known as the heart of the Angel, Chapel Market has been a landmark in Islington for more than 150 years and is home to a wide selection of stalls, offering fresh fruit and veg, flowers, cards, gifts, toys, and more. Trader Kalpesh Madhawani tells us more about his work

I sell a variety of electrical goods and provide a mobile and laptop repair service. I take pride in sourcing my products from local London and ethical suppliers. This approach sets me apart as a trader, as it emphasises quality and supporting the local economy.

I have been working at Chapel Market for the past ten years and it has been an incredible journey. Over the years, I’ve noticed significant changes in the market. There’s been a rise in diverse vendors, an increased focus on sustainable and locally sourced products, and a growing sense of community among traders and customers.

What I love most about the market is the vibrant atmosphere and getting to know customers and fellow traders. I’ve made some great friendships over the years.

Shopping at small businesses like ours is crucial, because it helps foster a strong sense of community and supports local entrepreneurs. It also allows customers to discover unique products and contribute to the growth of the local economy.

Next time you’re in Angel, be sure to wander through Chapel Market and check out Kalpesh’s stall.

Islington Council is currently working with the Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund to improve Chapel Market, with new trees, improved market pitches, a new welcoming entrance, events space and more. Traders and businesses might be in slightly different locations within the market until December while the work is completed, but they’re still open for business!

Find out more about the development project on Islington Council’s website.

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