Meet the mayor

Cllr Gary Heather in his mayoral attire

Quickfire questions with Cllr Gary Heather, the new Mayor of Islington

What inspired you to get into politics?

Joining and becoming involved in the union movement. I want to be a representative of the people, especially those without a voice who are ignored by authorities and bureaucrats. I want to make the world a fairer and more equal place, where everyone is nurtured and able to thrive; to encourage a cooperative approach to solving issues, where people are involved in finding solutions to the problems that they face.

What do you love most about Islington?

The diversity of the people and the choice and richness of experiences and perspectives that brings, in terms of culture, foods, built environment, entertainment and the sharing of world view experiences and learning.

What are some of your favourite places?

Highbury Fields and the pool there, where I go swimming. The Town Hall, Nag’s Head town centre in Holloway where I live. Blackstock Road and the House of Hodge book shop. Whittington Park, Tolpuddle Cafe in Caledonian Park, Angel Islington and Chapel Market.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

What spare time?! I read loads – mainly academic and social history books and papers, philosophy, some novels and biographies. I’m interested in my family history and genealogy, swimming, walking, visits to my favourite cafe in Kentish Town and trips to Richmond. I also enjoy listening to music – mainly soul and trance tunes.


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