Covid Safe – Past Caring, an emporium of curiosities

Photograph of the exterior of "Past Caring" shop, featuring staff member James. James is holding a placard reading: "Shop Local" "We are a Covid Safe Business"

Caring for Covid safety 

The Angel’s Past Caring, on Essex Road, offers nostalgic and retro treats for all tastes, but minimalists may need to brace themselves! 

Don’t be fooled by the eclectic mix of collectables and curiosities though, this is no hoarder’s heap – it’s a lovingly selected treasure trove of curiosities and collectables. Owner Karl Osborne says: 

“We spend a lot of time sourcing vintage furniture, clothing and home wares that we can offer at affordable prices. We love it when people come in to browse, and want our customers to feel they can do that safely – so they have plenty of time to discover the treasure they can’t live without! 

“Making the commitment to be a Covid Safe Business was essential for us.”

And it’s so important to our neighbourhoods to support local businesses – owners have roots in the community, just like us. Independent business owners tend to make decisions with their community in mind.

Essex Road is a great place to support businesses like this. The council has teamed up with ‘My Virtual Neighbourhood’ to launch Shop Local Islington, an online directory to help residents find independent shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants, markets and service providers in the borough. To shop, spend and enjoy life with local businesses, search

Essex Road is an old street, going back very many centuries, and offers many clues to its history for the sharp-eyed. But if anyone ever tells you that they ‘can remember when this was all fields’, they must be about 400 years old.  

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