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Adelaide, a girl playing the drums at Music Education Islington

Budding musician Adelaide and Savanah Popal, head of services at Highbury Roundhouse, on why everyone should make the most of free music sessions run by Music Education Islington

What are the drop-in sessions and who are they for?

Savanah: Music Education Islington offers free access to instruments and tuition in a relaxed, interactive, and fun way. It’s an amazing project, so when we were given the opportunity to partner with them, I thought absolutely. It has something to offer everybody and is completely free. You might never have played a musical instrument in your life but if you’re curious, come along.

What can young people expect when they turn up?

Savanah: The weekly sessions are led by enthusiastic, highly experienced tutors. We’ve got a wide range of instruments available – drums, guitars, keyboards, tambourines – but if we’ve got a young person interested in playing the flute or the trumpet, say, we can source it.

Adelaide: I’ve played the drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, piano and sung. I’ve improved on the guitar a lot, which my dad is pleased with! I’ve been to two sessions so far, but I’ll definitely keep coming.

What do you enjoy about the drop-in sessions?

Adelaide: It’s very fun and there’s no pressure. It’s a good way to try something new and it’s nice when you’re feeling stressed to be able to sit down and play something. There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s what you think the song is about, and you can express yourself.

For more information, including drop-in sessions at Highbury Roundhouse and Lift, visit the Guild Hall School, Music Education Islington website.

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