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Lisa Robinson, director of Islington Giving, on how they’re supporting young people who are struggling with poor mental health – and how you can, too

We strive to enable young people to thrive, not just survive. Unfortunately, Covid and now the cost-of-living crisis have made that difficult. These two big events have massively impacted on young people’s mental health and their ability to cope. Financial anxiety causes stress for every family member – perhaps most of all young people, who may find it difficult to process and feel unable to do anything about it.

We’ve always partnered with local mental health organisations that are working really hard to support children and young people: for example, Body and Soul has a programme called You Are Not Alone, centring on providing space for young people to connect with others and understand themselves a little better. Islington Giving also works with Islington Mind, Stuart Low Trust, and the Brandon Centre, which offers children and young people as much time and support as they need, rather than time-limited care, among many others.

There has been a huge increase in mental health problems among five to 16-year-olds. In response, we’ve launched an appeal. We’ve already raised more than £120,000 as part of our cost of living appeal, which is amazing – a huge thank you to everyone who so generously donated. It’s going to be such a help for local people. This appeal is very much about increasing access to mental health support for young people across the borough, through those organisations that are best placed to do so. We know it’s a hard time for lots of people, but we ask if you can, to please consider donating. You could help make a lasting difference.

Donate online at or call 020 7288 6941 for more information. If you are a young person in need of support, visit the Islington Giving mental health support page.

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