Islington together: Mary and Majida

In a series of interviews, we capture the diverse experiences of the people of Islington and how together, we’re tackling inequality at the root. This time: Mary and Maijda, who work out of the FC Designer Workspace, a new affordable workspace in Finsbury Park

Mary is a local resident and owner of Another Earthling. She uses the FC Designer Workspace in Finsbury Park to make beautiful, handcrafted animal and bird masks. The space was previously an unused garage on the Andover estate, but has been converted into an affordable workspace by Islington Council, in partnership with the Mayor of London and Fashion Enter.

“I live on the Andover estate with my husband Frank and our cat Frankincense. I design and handcraft high quality, unique animal and bird masks. There’s an incredible amount of wildlife right here in our little garden that inspires me every day!

Having an affordable and truly local workspace is hugely beneficial for my business and with the support of Fashion Enter and Islington Council, the sky’s the limit. I intend to teach regular workshops, collaborate with other creatives and create employment opportunities in the local community.”

Majida and the Jannaty sewing group

Local designer-maker Majida Sayam has been running local sewing group Jannaty for 32 years. Majida will train 10 local women to use the factory-grade sewing and garment-making machines at the workspace.

“This space is a dream for me, and the machines are everything we need. Re-using textiles saves money, is good for the environment and stops thousands of plastic bags from being bought. We are proud to be part of the FC Designer Collective and look forward to the collaborative opportunities that will benefit our members, users and society as a whole.”

To learn more about the support and opportunities available, visit the FC Designer Workspace website.

Find out more about how Islington Council is working with its partners and local people to make the borough a more equal place.

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