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Head and shoulders shot of Roland, wearing a sports zip up and smiling at the camera, stood in front of a football pitch

This year, we’re marking Disability History Month (16 November16 December) by honouring the incredible stories and lived experiences of Islington’s disabled community. Nabeel, Adrian, Rodney, June, Luke, Chris, Savas, John-Jo and Roland, tell us about their experiences of having a disability in Islington


I like to meet new people. I’m really interested in sports and music. I have mild autism and it impacts my life because sometimes I put myself in awkward situations, but it doesn’t affect my work life. I would like other people to know that there are still interesting events for disabled people going on in Islington, but not enough people know about them.


I enjoy talking to my kids, playing with them, and coming to group activities at the Elfrida Society, which is a local Islington charity which works with people with learning difficulties. I have autism and other mental health conditions and it is hard for others to understand how that affects me. It is important to speak up for people with learning difficulties to help them with their housing and any other concerns they may have.




I enjoy DJ’ing. I recently went to Helsinki, Finland, for the International Disability Conference. I have epilepsy, low blood pressure, mouth cancer and other learning difficulties. Also, being in a wheelchair means that most roads are not accessible, so this makes it hard for me to go out. Making pavements more accessible would be nice, as it would make Islington more accessible so everyone can live without being judged.


I like talking to other people with learning difficulties and standing up for their rights by raising awareness, as I do not want the next generation to go through what I went through. I have cerebral palsy and it really affects my life, causing a lot of pain in my back when I walk and some days the pain is awful. People with learning disabilities have a lot of ability, so give them an opportunity to grow further.



I enjoy dancing, making people laugh and telling jokes. I have a learning disability and I feel like it doesn’t affect me at all. I want to feel safe in Islington, but a lot of disabled people are being abused and when you mention it to the relevant authorities, it feels like they do not listen. I wish there were more events for people with learning difficulties and more information about these events.


I enjoy so many different activities, from DJ’ing and playing football, to playing pool and bowling – I’ve even done peddle power cycling around the Emirates stadium. I have a learning disability and it affects my life in that I must adjust how I live, compared to someone who does not have a learning disability. But I continue to live. I walk dogs around a park once a week. I think that people should make sure to spread awareness about people with disabilities.



I like to play football, swimming, and basketball and even attend arts and crafts workshops. I have Pierre Robin Syndrome, which means I cannot verbalise, so I communicate through pictures and other references. I really wish there were more sports activities for disabled people in Islington.


I really enjoy cycling, football, kayaking and tennis. I have epilepsy and it affects me in that I struggle to utilise my right leg and right hand in day-to-day activities. I wish that events for disabled people were expanded, and that people were informed of events far enough beforehand to make sure everyone is aware of them.


I really enjoy playing football, badminton, and spending time with my fiancé. I have epilepsy and dyslexia and it can affect my day-to-day life when I have epileptic fits, which mean I overheat. I would like people to start promoting opportunities for disabled people, especially to keep us active.

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