Top tips: cycle safety

Photograph: two children cycle in a park; the younger girl has stabilisers on her bike.

Five ways to get you and your family cycling safely

Remember your lock

Lock your bike with two high-quality locks in a secure, well-lit location. You can find bike parking locations on the council website.

Get your bike serviced

The council runs regular Dr Bike sessions, where you can get your bike checked and fixed for free! Find out when and where upcoming Dr Bike sessions are being held on the Islington Council website.

Get your bike marked and registered

Getting your bike marked can act as a deterrent to thieves and makes it more likely you’ll get it back if it’s stolen. The council runs regular events where you can get your bike marked and registered for free. Find an event near you.

Use cycle lanes

Using a cycle lane is a safe and easy way to get around the borough by bike. Cycling on the pavement can be dangerous, especially to people with impaired sight or disabilities, so make sure you’re in the right lane! Find an Islington cycleway.

Sign up for Bikeability lessons

The council offers free cycle training sessions for adults and children, both in a group setting and one-to-one, to help get everyone cycling safely and confidently. Find out when the next course is happening and book on.

For more information and upcoming dates for Dr Bike or bike marking and registering events, visit the council website.

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