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Zi is a violence reduction unit parent champion, who has completed Social Switch Project training: a course that helps people understand best practice for all things digital. She shares advice for helping young people stay safe online

Have conversations about social media. When you’re gathered around for dinner or watching TV together, have open and honest conversations.

Set an example. If you want your young person to be more present and spend less time on devices, make sure you walk the walk, not just talk the talk!

If your child is on a social media app, why not join it and see what it’s like? You might even learn about a hobby or interest your young person has.

Agree boundaries. Talk to your child to figure out a good time to put devices down and tell them how much screen time they can have.

Be aware of risks. Talk with your child about potential risks of grooming, sharing personal information and pictures online.

Find out more about the Social Switch Project and sign up for a course

Islington Council also runs social media and online safety training. Follow the council on Twitter for the latest @IslingtonBC or visit the NSPCC website for more online safety advice.

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