Trustee Week: Khadim Mane, Mildmay Community Centre

Khadim Mane, Trustee Mildmay Community Centre

Khadim Mane is a Trustee for Mildmay Community Centre. He got involved with the centre because he wanted to give something back to his community.

He says: “It’s really important to be involved in your community and to put people together and open the door for the young kids in the community. My role is to sit on the board and to bring ideas and connect with the team and to make future plans for the community.

“I run some community events through my other work, including organising a festival, I also live nearby and want to be part of my community. When I met some of the team at Mildmay we connected well and I was given the opportunity to be a trustee, which I was happy to do.”

Khadim’s favourite parts of the role include learning new skills and planning actions to benefit the local area.

His top tip for people who are thinking about becoming a Trustee?

“Don’t hesitate, come and be part of the community and part of the great things coming in the future.”

Find out more about Mildmay Community Centre on its website.

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