We are Cally Residents Grants are open! 

Barry Winchester

“Whoever you are – if you have a good idea that benefits others in the Cally then we’d love to hear about it.”  

We’ve been talking to Barry Winchester, Community Development Officer for the Cally about the We are Cally Resident Grant Scheme and what Cally residents need to know. 

“Working on the Cally Residents’ Grants Project has been exciting. We’ve set up an easy way for local people to apply for a grant of up to £500 to make the Cally an even better place to live and work in. 

We hope Cally residents will talk to their neighbours and local friends about things they could do together to make the Cally an even better place and then make an application.  

We are looking for their ideas. These ideas can range from bulb planting, getting to know their neighbours on an outing or trip, it’s really up to them. All we ask is that the activity benefits others in the Cally. 

We’ve teamed up with a number of voluntary organisation in the area. We are very grateful to Light Project Pro International , Copenhagen Street Youth Project (CYP), , Help On Your Door Step, Global Generation and  The Parent House to make sure a lot of support is available in making an application.  

They are offering to work with groups of residents to develop their ideas from thinking it through to planning the detail and then over the next few months, to the delivery. So if someone has had contact with them please reach out again or please drop me a line and I can build the links. 

When people are thinking about applying, please read the guidance notes first and talk to people that they could work with.  

Please remember to plan the idea out and to cost it properly. Remember that a budget is a plan in money terms. I or one of our voluntary sector partners can help with these things. We’d like to see applications that have thought about how they will take care of people and the places where the activity or event will take place. Things such as a Risk Assessment and Safeguarding are key issues to address. Again, we and our voluntary sector partner organisations can help with this.”

Key dates for your diary.

The closing date for all applications is Wednesday, 9 June. We will tell everyone who applies – whether successfully or unsuccessfully – by Friday 2 July. 

For further information visitCally Fund Guidance Notes and Application Form 

Please be aware the application form is at the end of the guidance notes document in a downloadable format. It’s really important you read and understand the guidance before applying.

If you have any questions, then please drop me a line. Alternatively please call me on: 0781 708 8256 or email Barry.winchester@islington.gov.uk 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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