Heritage Plaques

Islington’s Heritage Plaques showcase our culturally rich and colourful heritage by commemorating the significant people, places, and events in the borough. There are currently 102 plaques spread out on various sites across the borough. Search the full list of Heritage Plaques below and be inspired by some of the amazing people, places and events of Islington.

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Dame Alice Owen’s Girls’ School

Site of heavy casualties during the Blitz, 15 Oct 1940. Owen's Fields, Goswell Road, EC1.

Highbury Corner V1 attack (27 Jun 1944)

Memorial to the dead, injured and bereaved. Highbury Corner, N5.

Copenhagen Fields (21 April 1834)

Thousands marched in support of the Tolpuddle Martyrs who had been sentenced to transportation to Australia. Clock Tower, Caledonian Park, Market Road,…

A London Borough of Islington Plaque.

The Peasants’ Revolt (1381)

Commemorating the burning and destruction of Highbury Manor during the Peasants' Revolt. Highbury Barn Tavern, N5.

An Islington People's Plaque, unveiled in June 2011.