Literary Road Map of Islington

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Celebrate our borough's long, rich heritage of authors, screenwriters, poets and writers who live or work here

Literary Road Map of Islington celebrates our borough’s long, rich heritage of authors, screenwriters, poets and writers who have lived here, and the literary works which have been inspired by or set here.

Search the list below to see the novels, plays and poems which were written about Islington and the authors, such as Andrea Levy (1956-2019), who were born or lived in the borough, or Charles Dickens (1812-1870, who used various locations around Islington in their novels.

Also, look at our interactive map to see the literary connections to your area of Islington. To do this click on ‘Show Layers’, ‘Recreation & Leisure’ and check the ‘Literary Road Map’ box.


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Jones, Nicolette

The Plimsoll Sensation (2007). Lives in Plimsoll Road.

Johnson, B.S.


Albert Angelo (1964). The author lived in Claremont Square.

Johnson, Dr Samuel


Gentleman’s Magazine (1731-1922). Dr Johnson worked in a garret in St John’s Gate as translator and editor for the magazine from 1731-40s.

Jack, Ian


The Country Formerly Known as Great Britain (2009) and other titles. The journalist lived in Islington.

James, M.R.


A Thin Ghost (1919). The short story, Two Doctors, is set in the fictitious 'Dodds Hall' in Islington

Jozefkowicz, Ewa


Mystery of the Colour Thief (2018). The children’s author lives in Highbury.

Kavanagh, Patrick


Ploughman and Other Poems (1936) and other titles. The Irish poet lived in Milner Square.

Koestler, Arthur


Darkness at Noon (1940). The Hungarian-born Koestler was detained for six weeks in 1940 after arriving in England without papers. His best known work, Darkness at Noon was published in England while he was in Pentonville Prison.

Lock, Joan


Detective Best Series (2002-), Princess Alice Disaster (2013). Detective Best lives in Barnsbury and ends up on the Princess Alice, a pleasure steamer which sank in 1878 on the River Thames. 650 passengers and crew drowned in the tragedy, some of whom were from Islington.

King, Danny


The Burglar Diaries (2010) The journalist lived in Islington

Lane, Harriet


Her (2014). A novel set in Archway and Highgate.

Lear, Edward


A Book of Nonsense (1846) and other titles. Poet, author and artist who was born and lived in Bowman’s Lodge (now Bowman’s Mews) off Seven Sisters Road.