We are Cally Community Plan

The Cally bridge

There’s a lot going on in the Cally. The council has been working with, and listening to, local people and organisations to create new opportunities, improve facilities and shape a fairer future for the area through We are Cally.

These ‘Cally Conversations’ have helped build a better understanding of what is good about life in Cally, what challenges local people face, and what their hopes are for change over the coming years.

Now these ambitions have been captured in a set of agreed actions to be taken by local organisations, residents and the council in the We are Cally Community Plan.

We’ve interviewed some of the local people who have been involved in helping develop the plan:

There is still plenty of things happening and if you want you to be involved, have an idea for something that you want to see happen in Cally, or want to share your views please email wearecally@islington.gov.uk

Read the We are Cally Community Plan

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