Five ways to explore Islington on foot

New River Walk

Five ways to explore Islington on foot

Get 20 tips to add 20 minutes of walking to your day

Need some ideas for incorporating 20 minutes of walking into your day? Check out Living Streets’ poster for inspiration to #Try20.

Join a guided walking tour

Check out our event listing to find guided walks taking place in the borough during May – from mindful walks in Islington’s nature reserves, to tours of the clock tower in Caledonian Park.

Follow a walking or running route

Several parks in Islington – Caledonian Park, Highbury Fields, King Square Gardens, Paradise Park, Rosemary Gardens, and Tufnell Park Playing Fields – have circular walking routes and running markers showing the distance you have covered. New River Walk and Parkland Walk are both beautiful walkways you can take to explore Islington’s natural environment. A Disabled Access guide is available for most of Islington’s parks at Find out more about walking routes in Islington’s parks or head to GoParks London to learn more about each park.

Discover Islington as a place of refuge

Follow a self-guided tour – initially created for Refugee Week 2020 – to learn about the various situations faced by refugees and economic migrants that have come to Islington. Whether it be to escape war, persecution, or economic hardship, many refugee communities have come to Islington and found a base to start new lives, grow their livelihoods and fight injustice. To celebrate the rich diversity found within our borough, this tour explores the reasons why people have settled in Islington and the valuable contributions migrants have made to our borough. Download the map and find out more about each stop.

See more on the Islington Directory

Want more information? For apps to support your walking, walking groups, and maps showing more historical, cultural and architectural highlights of Islington, check out the Walking in Islington page on the Islington Directory.

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