Best parks for… water fun

Rosemary gardens fish-shaped water play feature

From splash pads to fountains: check out these water features in Islington’s parks

As the days get warmer, it’s good to be able to take the kids somewhere they can run around, let off steam, and cool off. Several Islington parks have water play features, providing a fun outlet for kids in warm weather.

Did you know that water play has a range of benefits for children’s development? Outdoor learning and natural play improve children’s wellbeing. Splashing and running around can release endorphins and pent-up energy, help develop hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills, as well as help children improve their social skills and make friends. What’s not to love? Just don’t forget the sun cream and towel…

Paradise Park

Dare to run through the row of sprinklers!

King Square Gardens

Be brave and stand under the bucket that slowly fills with water and overturns when you’re least expecting it!

Rosemary Gardens

Press the buttons on the bright and colourful animal fountains and run from the water they spray at you.

Highbury Fields, Barnard and Whittington Park

Run through sprinkler arches, hit the buttons and dodge the water spraying up from the ground.

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